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Punch Club - Fighting Tycoon is a game developed by Lazy Bears Games and published by tinyBuild. Lazy Bear Games is a small game studio in Russ,ia.Initiallyit was started by two friends as Game Jam Studio and later it was changed as Lazy Bear Games in 2015. The friends aged about 30 years started with Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesistitles, where they worked in cartoon series like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in action movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.During that time they worked with Video Home System(VHS)technology which was a standard for consumer-level analog video recording on tapes.


In 2015, tinyBuild announced the release of the game for mobile and Windows platforms. They released the game by live streaming video gaming method during January 2016. Lazy Bear and tinyBuild announced that the game had250,000 downloads in all platforms in February 2016. The game was released in Play Station 4 and Xbox One in the year 2017.
tinyBuild is a video game developer and publisher, founded by Alex Nichiporchik, Luke Burtis and Tom Brien in 2011. They develop and publish games on all platforms. tinyBuildencourages the students in developing games and published their first game in all platformscalled Punch Club - Fighting Tycoon.

How it is played
The player has the control of the boxer whose father, was murdered during his childhood. The boxer continues his training and fights in the local tournaments. At the same time, he tries to find out who killed his father. The player has to manage the boxer in his day to day activities. Strength, agility and stamina are the three primary attributes of the boxer. These attributes can be increased through various activities like exercising or going to work. While performing, these activities will reduce other attributes like hunger, alertness and happiness.But the latter attributes can be regained through eating, sleeping, and other events. But primary attributes will slowly degrade as time game is played. The player must maintain sufficiently high boxing attributes as to advance up in the boxing ranks. Depending on the player’s choice the game leads to several possible endings.

The story behind
When the boxer was a child, his father was shot by an unidentified man. The boxer is adopted by a police officer Frank. The boxer undergoes training in a local gym and fights in a minor boxing league as well as an underground fight club. Depending on the player's actions, the boxer can take one of the two paths: One is to participate in a boxing championship tournament or to fully compete in the underground fighting circuit under the crime boss named Don.

The story moves further based on the player's choices. If the boxer competed in the championship, he sustains an injury making his friend Roy fight in his place. But Roy is killed when fighting with a Russian fighter. Thisprompts the boxer to fight in Russia after recovering.

If the boxer competes in the underground ring, he is imprisonedduring a black market deal and participates in prison fights for his release.After the fight in Russia or the prison, the boxer becomes a reputed fighter by either working as a professional boxer or participating in Don's criminal activities.

Shortly after beating the champions of the respective path, the boxer is invited to an island by a person called the man in black to fight against a person determined by the boxer's chosen path. Shortly after beating the final fighter, the man in black reveals himself to be the boxer's father as the game

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